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No Action No Progress!
  • Pull your credit report from  It's free from each credit bureau once annually.  Review it for accuracy.
  • Ponder your purchases, especially BIG items that you are contemplating buying on credit!  If you haven't saved the cash, say NO to the purchase because you can't afford it.  Debt is not cool.
  • If you have debt, read your monthly billing statements to find out how much interest you are paying each month.  See if the interest has changed.
  • Educate yourself.  Commit to reading at least one book every month.  We have listed some of our favorites on the Reading List link to the left. Never stop learning.
  • Commit to not quit, no matter what.  Determine not to incur debt and to live within your means.
  • Dream BIG, and don't forget to take only the steps necessary to lead you toward that dream.  Act as though you have achieved it even though you don't yet see it.
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