Village Treasures - Center of Excellence
Welcome to Village Treasures!
Village Treasures is all about assisting in changing the family tree, mainly in the area of financial management.  Many families are lacking in this area; therefore, their finances are out of control.  When our finances are out of control, more than likely other areas are out of control as well.
It's time to take action and get control.  Village Treasures is here to assist you by focusing on literacy programs, especially financial literacy since it touches so many areas of our lives.
Our Vision Statement:  To advocate literacy in all spectrums, focusing mainly on individual and family financial awareness as a contributor to the transformation of the community.
Our Mission Statement:  To teach individuals and families how to manage their money through financial management courses, covering such topics as setting goals, budgeting, determining your current financial position, reducing debt, and creating and maintaining a basic financial plan.
Please take your time visiting the different links located on the left, and contact us for more information.
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